Our full-service dining room serves well-balanced, heart-healthy meals. Our menus are designed by a dietitian who keeps in mind both good nutrition and presentation. We have the ability to meet individual dietary requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional dining experience. Our cooks and servers become well-acquainted with the likes and dislikes, allergies and sensitivities of our residents, offering an individual approach to dining at The Berkeley.  Supporting the health and wellness of our residents, while also providing an opportunity for socializing, is our priority.

At a Glance

  • Dinner and breakfast/lunch included in rent (optional third meal available for additional cost)
  • Special diet considerations can be met through consultation with our Food Services Manager
  • Healthy meal options with rotating menus
  • In-season fresh fruit and vegetables incorporated into daily choices
  • Afternoon coffee, tea and herbal tea plus snack served daily
  • Private dining room can be reserved for special occasions

I have been living at The Berkeley Gladstone since July 2008. I don't just like it - I love it! I have a studio apartment with large beautiful windows and loads of floor space. I enjoy the meals - far better than my own cooking. I am very, very happy in my new home.
–Edna Copp