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Retirement Living – Are You Ready to Enjoy the Many Benefits?

By Catherine Campbell

There comes a time in many seniors’ lives when cooking meals, cleaning and maintaining a home becomes physically challenging, not to mention tedious. Loneliness and/or failing health can be factors as well. Moving to a retirement residence is an option many people consider so they may enjoy life without worry. In a retirement residence, you live in your own apartment without the hassles of household tasks allowing you to enjoy favourite pastimes, the opportunity to be social and the security of knowing health care professionals are on duty 24 hours a day. When it comes time to make the transition, it can be an emotional and overwhelming decision for many seniors and their families. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Location: Is it close to conveniences such as the pharmacy, grocery store and a medical clinic? Is it close to your family and friends and a community in which you feel comfortable? Is it close to places you like to go such as church, the theatre, library and community groups as well as natural attractions such as parks, the waterfront and walking trails?
  • Environment: Is the physical environment bright, inviting and warm? Do you like the size of the building? Are the people friendly and welcoming? Is this a place you could call home?
  • Safety and Security: Is access to the building secure and monitored? Are there fire alarms and smoke detectors? Do they perform regular fire drills? Is there a sprinkler system? Do they have handrails in the hallways? Do the apartment units have emergency call systems?
  • Dining: Can the kitchen handle your dietary needs? Can family and friends come for meals? Can you have a privately catered function? Is there a menu selection available to view so you can ensure you like the options being served?
  • Health and Wellness: Are the medical services you require available through the nurse and personal care workers? Will health care staff do a review of your medical records and an assessment of your health to ensure your needs can be met?
  • Apartment Units: Is the apartment you want available? Does the bathroom suit your needs (ie: walk-in shower, shower with seat or bathtub)? Are there adequate handrails in the bathroom?
  • Recreation: Do they have a variety of activities? Do they have a van to take outings and shopping trips? Do they plan special events?
For more information or to book a tour, visit or call Jenn Walker at 902.802.0346. She would love the opportunity to take you for a tour to see all the benefits of retirement living for yourself!