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Happy, Healthy New Year to you – No Better Time for a Fresh Start

By Catherine Campbell
There’s nothing like a New Year to illicit a yearning for renewal, revitalization and restoration – a time to reset, regroup and reconnect. It’s an opportunity for change whether that be personal growth, new intentions or the chance for an improved lifestyle. As the calendar year changes, it seems an obvious time to make a fresh start.

That fresh start could include considering a future lifestyle solution like retirement living. If you are living alone and feeling lonely, bored, insecure, tired of grocery shopping, cooking, house maintenance and other similar responsibilities or possibly needing a bit of care or assistance, retirement living might be an excellent change for you!

Throughout the course of our lives, we go through various changes, many of which include moving and, almost always, it is very much a fresh start. For instance, when we move out to go to university, or to start a life on our own, or moving from a starter home to something a bit larger, or to a new city for a job opportunity. In just the same way, moving from your big house to an apartment can be very much the same fresh start. The sale of your house – downsizing – and a move into a Retirement Residence can be a daunting thought but might also create a certain sense of freedom as well. It can be quite cathartic to go through your material possessions and decide what is truly important and what is not. It is a positive step to unload possessions you no longer need along with responsibilities and chores you no longer enjoy. One thing is for certain, it can be uplifting to become part of a vibrant, social community in which you can enjoy each and every day in the company of others.

Retirement living is apartment living with services. Included in your rent at The Berkeley are the following benefits:

  • 2 meals a day in our full-service dining room (with the option for a third)
  • Weekly housekeeping (laundering of linens)
  • Activities, outings and social gatherings
  • Nurse on duty 24/7
  • Maintenance

The benefits that cost nothing but are invaluable advantages to community living:

  • Peace of mind
  • Choice
  • Sense of belonging
  • Friendship
  • Safety and security

Retirement living, by its very nature, is a supportive environment whether you pay for extra services or not, the benefits listed above give you whatever level of support you need. Often, we hear concerns of lost privacy and lost independence. Though we believe your concerns are valid, we want to assure you they are not lost living at The Berkeley. Your privacy is very important to us and you always have your own apartment for times when you do not want to be social. The only expectation is that you eat two meals a day in the dining room. If you have no interest in the community other than knowing it is there for support, if and when needed, then that is absolutely your choice. Choice is precisely why you will not lose your independence. If anything, the supportive environment gives you greater independence and more choices. One perfect example is the option you have to be social or not. Living at home alone, you might be isolated and dependent on visitors. In a retirement living community you can simply choose the privacy of your apartment or leave it to attend an activity or enjoy the company of others in one of our many common spaces. Retirement living is designed to give you choices, support your independence and protect your privacy.

My very best advice to anyone with an interest is that you start looking at your options sooner than later, regardless of your timeline. There is plenty to consider such as community culture and size, building amenities, location, apartment size and care options, if not for now, just in case it is necessary in the future. You will then want to have a look at how this lifestyle suits your needs and wants, and how it will impact your finances. Being prepared and armed with information that will help inform your decision will make the transition easier.

Please get in touch if you would like to start the process of learning for yourself the benefits of retirement living. Coming in for a tour, meeting our staff and other residents can help you truly evaluate your options. We are here and ready whenever you are!

For more information and to book a tour, call Jenn at (902) 802-0346 or email her at