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Retirement Living – the Secret to a Great Lifestyle for Seniors

By Catherine Campbell

Retirement living is an opportunity to live well, and it is ideal if considered a choice, not a forced solution to a problem. At The Berkeley, our goal is to ensure that all of our residents are living life the way they want, with assistance or not. We pride ourselves on enhancing the lives of seniors by supporting their independence, accommodating their needs and providing them with options and convenience.

Moving to a retirement residence does involve a change from one home to another home, and often requires down-sizing to an apartment, but it also means having everything you need in one place - nutritious meals, access to health professionals, housekeeping and maintenance services, a multitude of new friends and the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities. As an added convenience at The Berkeley, all four buildings are all well-placed, within walking distance to grocery stores, pharmacies and health clinics, while also on bus routes giving residents who no longer drive easy access to transportation.

Often conversations about retirement residences only arise when changes are noticed, such as poor nutrition, a bad fall or noticeable physical, emotional or mental changes that are a concern for family. The secret is to move before this happens. Moving to a retirement residence prior to issues arising can help slow the progression of decline that naturally happens as we age, and it gives both residents and their families peace of mind. This natural decline can be more profound when seniors remain living at home alone. Many people wait until there is a health event which might in fact hinder their ability to move to a retirement residence at all.

For optimal health and wellness as you age, surround yourself with people you enjoy and stay engaged in activities you love. The secret is not to wait until it is too late to enjoy the many benefits of retirement living. Residents of The Berkeley will tell you that they are happier having moved to their new home, surrounded by a community of like-minded people, rather than having stayed in their old home alone.

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