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Wondering about Retirement Living? Give it a Whirl in one of our Trial Stay Suites

By Catherine Campbell

Obviously, we think retirement living is a fabulous lifestyle option for seniors and staying in one of our Trial Stay Suites is a great way to experience it firsthand! Healthy aging and living well are top priorities at The Berkeley. We offer a convenient solution for seniors’ wanting to stay active and engaged in their community.

At The Berkeley we offer the option to try retirement living for 1-3 months in one of our fully furnished well-equipped suites. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience retirement living and all its benefits without making a long-term commitment. It is a difficult decision to move and it is a relatively overwhelming job. For anyone who is unsure, a trial stay is ideal. It allows you to get your feet wet before you take the plunge, so to speak.

Joining a community where there are ample opportunities to socialize can be a game changer. There are a variety of activities to choose from. You can do all of them or choose those that interest you most. The beauty of retirement living is having peace of mind and the choice to do as you please. Whether you consider yourself social or not, most people want to have people around. It is a relatively basic human need after all. There is always comfort in knowing we are not alone. In addition, having a sense of belonging has a positive affect on us mentally, emotionally and physically. It is an essential component of maintaining overall health and wellness. Loneliness and anxiety have the opposite affect and can lead to a decline in one’s health. We have seen it many times. Seniors resisting the move only to find out it is just what they needed to improve their overall health and happiness.

If the social aspect is not quite enough, additional benefits include two meals a day in our full-service dining room and weekly housekeeping as well. After years of hard word and an abundance of chores, it is a welcome relief to have most of them done for you! Beyond that though, and perhaps even more important from a planning perspective, is the health care component. You might not need any assistance presently – you might never need extra assistance, in fact – but it is nice to know it is available. There is a peace of mind inherent in the fact that a health care professional is on duty 24-hours a day just to answer a question or concern.

Please visit our Trial Stay page to see photos and a description of what you can expect. It is a lovely escape from the chores of winter, if nothing else! Having an opportunity to give it a whirl could be the perfect solution for you!